Sanremo Zoe 2 Group

San Remo Zoe 2 Group

Sanremo Zoe 2 Group


Sanremo S.r.l. is an Italian family owned company with a heritage of more than forty years building some of the finest espresso coffee machines. Even today, each machine is still meticulously assembled and hand crafted as they have been for generations.

Sanremo machine evolution is driven by aesthetic design and innovation to produce some of the best looking and well regarded machines on the market.

Sanremo’s heritage and expertise is clearly visible in the “Zoe”, with its great looks and innovative monocoque chassis. The Zoe fuses classic looks and barista friendly features, all set in a compact, yet affordable package.


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Electronic Auto Level, through an electronic level probe, the boiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level
SED technology guarantees an electronic dosing system through the button panel
SAP technology allows the semi-automatic programming of doses
Auto Steam, an electronic system that allows you to heat the milk at a set temperature
Bluetooth communication system
Programmable Pre-Infusion allows control with 0.1 second tolerance of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed.
ZOE has the capability of programming of 4 different profiles for each group
Programmable cup heater allows the cup to be kept at the optimum temperature in the most different climatic conditions
Optional Naked Portafilters
Optional external volumetric pumps
Colour options, White or Black monocoque chasis, with optional black or red inner panels
Optional colour match, special order panels can be customised to a RAL colour to suit your décor or brand

Additional information

Weight 55.1 kg
Dimensions 537 H mm. x 720 W mm. x 528 D mm.
Boiler Capacity 10 Litres
Cups/hour 120
Groups 2
Amps 13
Watts 3.15kw

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