Fracino Velocino 1 Group

Fracino Velocino 1 Group


Introducing the Velocino 1 Group by Fracino, the state of the art hybrid espresso machine which pairs the convenience of a bean to cup machine, with the simplicity of a traditional espresso machine. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, brass and copper components, it is a reliable and simple to maintain espresso machine, built to last a life time. This no nonsense new innovation has been specifically designed for sites with a high staff turnover, ensuring consistent, premium quality drinks each time, no matter how inexperienced the operator is. Combining the traditional E61 style chrome plated brass group with an automatic milk frother, advanced programming and an easy to understand control panel, the Velocino allows you to dispense all espresso based drinks straight into the cup at the press of a button.

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Automatically dispenses Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte and Americano with the press of a single button – minimal staff training required.

Water, coffee, milk volumes and timings can be programmed with optional delays to give the perfect consistency and appearance of drinks, with large and small options.

Automatic heating cycle guarantees that the machine is only used when at the correct temperature and pressure ??? ensuring drinks are of the highest quality.

Automatic cleaning cycles for group and milk frother.

Automatic on/off feature to ensure the machine is only on during business hours to save energy.

Non splash hot water for Americano and tea, with large and small options available.

LCD display to show status of machine.

All drink and technical programmes require a security key to prevent unauthorised persons adjusting the settings.

Service cycle counter, with an indicator to show when a service is due.

Water filter counter to ensure that the water filter is replaced regularly.

The drinks counter, which gives quantities on each individual drink and water usage.

4 different languages available ??? English, German, French and Italian.

Milk frother cleaning instructions and an indicator warning light show when the milk frother requires cleaning. This helps to maintain good hygiene and best milk quality.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 480 H mm. x 380 W mm. x 500 D mm.
Boiler Capacity 4 Litres
Cups/hour 80
Groups 1
Amps 13
Watts 2.7kw

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