Fracino Little Gem 1 Group

Fracino Little Gem 1 Group


Fracino, creator of the world’s most powerful espresso coffee machines, presents the Little Gem. These contemporary, compact, manual fill machines are particularly relevant in venues where space is at a premium or plumbed water is not available. Dynamic and sleek, they are the latest low volume professional/semi-professional coffee machines and are reliable, durable and user friendly.

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Capacity 4 Ltr

Material Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Plastic

Voltage 230V

Classic and contemporary designs to suit all venues, comes with a changeable internal water filter that prevents build up of scale in hard water areas

Hand fill semi-professional, one group machine for the office and low volume outlet serving approximately 70 coffees daily

Unique – can make two espressos and steam milk simultaneously

Full size, thermosyphonic, brass bodied coffee making group ensuring consistent temperature and smooth extraction

Pressure gauge and electronic water control

Top quality 4Ltr copper boiler heated by a multiple looped element

No installation requirements other than a 13 amp socket

Automatic water level system with probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve

Power shut off feature to protect the element should the boiler water level drop

The pressure of water and stem is separately controlled by brass safety valves

Brass bodied group with stainless steel shower plate, solenoid valve and high pressure pump

Pressure controlled by a double contact pressure switch

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 480 H mm. x 380 W mm. x 500 D mm.
Boiler Capacity 4 Litres
Cups/hour 100
Groups 1
Amps 13
Watts 2.7kw

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