Bravilor Matic Twin

Bravilor Matic Twin


The Bravilor Matic Twin was developed as a commercial grade coffee machine to serve large quantities of freshly brewed filter coffee, quickly with a water mains conection. The Matic Twin brews directly into glass decanters of 1.7 Litres capacity. The two self-regulating hot plates of the Matic keep the coffee at the right temperature. The Matic Twin is user-friendly and very easy to maintain.


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4 decanters of 1.7 L (24 cups)
The self-regulating functionality ensures the perfect coffee temperature according to the capacity inside the decanters.
Each hot plate can be turned on or off independently
Signals indicate when the coffee is ready and when the machine needs descaling

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 446 H mm. x 404 W mm. x 406 D mm.

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