Self Serve Panini Grill by ConviGrill

Self Serve Panini Grill by ConviGrill


ConviGrill is a new catering concept giving customers the freedom to grill themselves a panini or toastie at the touch of a button. ConviGrill offers a fast and profitable takeaway service using without using a panini press, all with UK produced high quality equipment and ingredients. Smart algorithms digitally steers power to when and where it’s needed to create the ideal grilling environment. This clever grilling technology combined with special bespoke packaging produces the perfect panini or toastie, ensuring the filling is melt in the mouth whilst crispy on the outside.

All “Grill in Bag” paninis and toasties grill in minutes.

Exclusive to ConviStore customers.


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Automatically cooks panini and toasties in minutes
No mess, no fuss as panini’s and toasties cook in the bag
No staff needed to cook products, this is a unique self serve catering product
Robust and high-quality appearance with solid stainless steel construction
Equipped with panini-is-ready flashing light signal after panini or toasties are dispensed

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 505 H mm. x 480 W mm. x 370 D mm.
Panini's Per Hour 20
Amps 13
Watts 1.8 Kw

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