9oz Clearance Soup Cups Case of 1000


9oz Clearance Soup Cups Case of 1000


Grab yourself a bargain high quality soup cup. The clearance soup cup liner is manufactured using a unique Aqueous water-based barrier coating. Recently developed water-based polymers can be formulated into coatings that are heat-seal-able and provide a barrier for paper cups containing hot or cold liquids. It looks and behaves like polyethylene and polypropylene as used in standard plastic and plastic lined paper cups. The big difference is that Aqueous water-based cups compost and decay into natural materials that blend harmlessly with soil. With the liner being made from water, the molecules they contain break apart into small fragments that bacteria can digest. Composting is in accordance with European standard DIN EN-13432. Because the water-based cups contain no additional contaminants that need to be separated, it works with standard waste-paper recycling streams too, recycling valuable paper to market.

Sold in a case of 1,000 9 oz cups

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Total Weight 6.0 g
Outside Diameter 73.0 mm
Rim thickness 2.8 mm
Individual Height 102.0 mm
Base Depth 5.0 mm
Base diameter 48.0 mm

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 410 H mm. x 400 W mm. x 400 D mm.

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