Disposable Compostable PLA Dessert Spoons (1000 x White Spoons)

Disposable White PLA Dessert spoons

Disposable Compostable PLA Dessert Spoons (1000 x White Spoons)

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Disposable cutlery now has an affordable high quality green option to replace unsustainable plastic forks, knives and spoons. Our 100% compostable dessert spoons are suitable for use with both hot and cold food. What makes these spoons special is that they are made from a plant material called Polylactide acid (PLA), it looks and behaves like polyethylene and polypropylene (Plastic) as used in standard plastic cutlery. Here’s the green techy bit, the molecules in these PLA spoons slowly absorb water and swell up, causing them to break apart into small fragments that bacteria can digest more readily and become compost.

Manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN-13432 for composting

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Material PLA corn starch

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Weight 8.7 kg
Dimensions 630 H mm. x 370 W mm. x 370 D mm.

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