AquaCafe CT

AquaCafe CT Keurig K Cup Pod Machine

AquaCafe CT


Without mess or fuss the AquaCafe CT brews a wide variety of coffee, tea and chocolate single-serve Keurig K-Cup and K-Cup compatible pods. Solidly constructed for higher volume use, it has a full feature set that you would expect in a high end commercial machine but at half the cost. Brew sizes, brew temperatures, and auto-eject counts are easily set through an interactive touch screen. The AquaCafe CT comes ready to install as plumbed in or is easily converted to a tank filled unit. The AquaCafe CT is an attractive, easy to use hot drinks solution that can fit in practically any breakout area or meeting room.


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Single serve coffee and tea, and hot water for maximum versatility
Mains fed water supply or tank fill conversion
One-touch extra hot water dispensing feature for tea
Multiple cup sizes
A wide variety of K-Cup and compatible pods available
Touch screen for simple, one-touch operation and for easily setting and changing system features
No mess, automatically ejects your used pod into a large bin. The integrated bin holds up to 30 used pods
Set brew temperatures for the perfect brew every time
Fold-down drip tray accommodates a variety of containers

Additional information

Weight 10.7 kg
Dimensions 394 H mm. x 450 W mm. x 586 D mm.

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