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Coffee 1652 was born from a passion of creating great coffee, some 9 years ago.

The name Coffee 1652 comes from the formation of the oldest coffee shop in the UK, located in St Michael’s Alley, Cornhill in London by an eccentric Greek named Pasqua Roseé. Sadly, Pasqua no longer works for Coffee 1652 (we had to let him go as he hadn’t turned in for work in over 350 years!) but his legacy lives on through our attention to detail in all we do.

We have now grown into our own purpose built facility, which houses our new training room, showroom, workshop and café area. These days, we pride ourselves on providing some of the finest coffees from our extensive Bellizzi range right through to our new single origins coffees “City Lites” and have access to some of the best espresso machines in the world from the most acclaimed manufactures such as, San Remo, Victoria Arduino, Fracino, Franke and Evoca to name a few. New machine, training, change of coffee or brand, If its coffee related we can help! Get in touch and let us change your life. (Well at least transform your mornings!)

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