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Kimbo Coffee

Kimbo 100 Percent Arabica Top
This 100% pure Arabica blend is chosen by specific regions of quality and character from Central American Highlands. The resultant medium roast delivers a perfect balance which is often referred to as the sweet-point- where the harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity is reached and a very pleasant taste produced.
(Pack size: 6 x 1kg)

Kimbo Decaffeinated
This is an excellent coffee that preserves very successfully the rich aroma and full flavour of classic espresso. A great balance of sweetness and body is achieved along with a persistent crema giving a superb in cup experience. Possibly one of the best decaffeinated espresso’s on offer today.
(Available both as beans (12 x 500g) and also single shot pre-ground espresso sachets (80 per box)

Kimbo Extra Cream
The result of a careful selection of premium coffes, Kimbo Extra Cream strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. A persistent crema and well-balanced body round off this blend, making it appealing to all palates.
(Packed: 6 x 1kg)

Kimbo 100 Percent Arabica Elite
As the name suggests, this blend is the created from the finest 100% arabica coffees, sourced from the most prestigious plantations in Brazil and the Central American Highlands. Only the finest grades of beans are chosen and then carefully roasted to a medium profile. This coffee has a mild aroma, medium body with a sweet flavour and a delicate acidity in the cup: ideal for those who love to indulge in the pleasure of espresso coffee
(Packed: 4 x 3kg)

Kimbo Extreme
Predominantly a blend of the finest Arabica coffees from Brazil and central America, this dark roast coffee is produced in the true Southern Italian profile; dark, intense, full bodied, fully rounded in the cup and decisive in flavour. Studied for the most discerning gourmets seeking excellence in the palate, Kimbo Extreme is a product that enables you to offer an espresso with the richest of aromas and fullest body.
(Packed: 6 x 1kg)

Kimbo Gran Gourmet Elite
A blend of excellent coffees with an intense aroma and delicate flavour. Ideal for those who love to indulge in the pleasure of rich espresso coffee, Gran Gourmet is the result of highly skilled and scrupulously careful processing.
(Packed: 4 x 3kg)

Kimbo Limited Edition Elite
Our limited edition blend is a true quality offering. A composition of dark roasted Southern American , Indian and Java beans are combined in a predominantly Arabica blend to produce a full bodied, sweet, chocolaty, creamy aromatic cup of espresso. Intense and satisfying.
(Packed: 4 x 3kg)

Kimbo Prestige Bar
A blend of fine Arabica coffees, expertly combined for their different qualities. The result of careful processing and a precise degree of roasting, Kimbo Prestige is a premium blend with a delicate flavour – the expression of love in coffee!
(Packed: 6 x 1kg)

Kimbo Rainforest Alliance Integrity
A unique espresso that speaks to both the palate and the heart; the authenticity of 100% Arabica beans and the spirit of supporting the excellent Rainforest Alliance project within the growing regions. This coffee, medium roasted, offers us an intense aroma underneath which lies a lighter body with sweet flavour and delicate acidity. A real statement of commitment to coffee origins and their future, we are proud that the Italians have chosen the UK as the launch base of this exciting new blend for the HORECA markets.
(Packed: 6 x 1kg)

Kimbo Superior
A harmonius blend of 100% Arabica coffees for the more refined palates, Kimbo Superior is an espressoblend with an umistakeable aroma and a particularly sweet, smooth, seductive flavour
(Packed: 6 x 1kg)

Kimbo Export Espresso Blend Ground Coffee.
This blend sold to Kimbo lovers all over the world is very close to the Espresso Neapolitano but just a little softer and slightly less intense. Produces a rich deep and satisfying espresso also works in moka percolators and cafetieres.

(Packed: 12 x 500g)

Fresh ground Kimbo Gold coffee.
This blend comprises the most prestigious green coffees which are then given the special Neapolitan style roast to give Kimbo Gold Medal its perfect combination of rich aroma and full-bodied taste, for a wonderfully balanced, easy drinking flavour.

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