Biscotti and Wafers Biscotti and Wafers Biscotti and Wafers Biscotti and Wafers

Biscotti and Wafers

Our range of biscuits and wafers come in a myriad of flavours, full of almonds, hazelnuts and chocolate pieces. They are the perfect snack at any time of the day. All made from only the finest ingredients. Ranging from traditional Italian biscuits to toffee waffles that ooze deliciousness, our biscuits, wafers and cakes are the ideal accompaniment for sweets and beverages. Traditional, authentic tastes and excellent quality.

Biscotti - Dolciaria Monardo
Traditional Tuscan almond biscuits. Not too sweet they are perfect for dunking in a chilled glass of dessert wine or an espresso.

Biscotti Jar
To display your Biscotti to the best advantage and retain their freshness

Simply Italian Panettone
Traditional Mini Panettone

Individual Mini Biscuits

Wafer Biscuits - Spitz
The fine selection for connoisseurs. The Spitz brand stands for tradition and quality. This guarantees a product with an authentic taste and excellent quality.

Vienna Wafers
The traditional Vienna Wafer. In three delicious varieties,individually wrapped and available in counter top display cases containing 18 wafers.
Chocolate - Hazelnut - Vanilla

Crunchy wafer bar with hazelnut slits with a milk chocolate coating. Individually wrapped 40g bar.
Counter top display box contains 20 units.

Delicious Wafer Rolls with hazelnut filling,
twin finger packs.

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